According to Oprah, Oprah doesn’t go out much.

She broke it down on Ellen Thursday: Oprah would much prefer to stay in, watch some pine cones crackle over an open fire (is that a thing?), and curl up with her dogs. So when host Ellen DeGeneres invited the former talk-show master and queen of everything to her 60th birthday party, Oprah said yes and thought it would be fine—imagine her surprise when she had the best! time! of! her! LIFE! She danced, she drank, she met so many wonderful famous people, including Leonardo DiCaprio—but it took Oprah a pretty long time to figure that out.


“So when I was doing my show, famous people came on and they looked like themselves. At your party, they’re all disguised,” Oprah tells Ellen. So Leo comes up to her and tries to make small talk, she hits him back with more generic pleasantries. (“He’s like, ‘Really, what’s going on?’” I go, “‘What’s going on with you!’”)

Picture this—Oprah is racking her brain and she can’t figure it out who this man is, and she thinks, maybe, he’s Justin Timberlake. She’s Oprah, so it’s fine. But because she’s also a genius, she quickly an opportunity to discreetly ask who he is, and strikes:

“So the Weeknd says to him, hey man, I really love that film you did. And he says, no, that wasn’t a good film for me, that wasn’t my favorite film. And I go, so what was your favorite film!”


Apparently Leo’s answer to that is The Aviator (seriously??), and then Oprah doesn’t miss a beat, chiming in with, “Oh, Leonardo, you’re so funny!!!” I love her.

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