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Alright, girl power! To celebrate International Women’s Day, Thursday, March 8, Spotify has launched a tool that will analyze the percentages of male vs. female artists that you stream, and then create a playlist based on your listening habits with more women artists on it. The tool is called the Smirnoff Equalizer, which doesn’t make a ton of sense until you realize because it’s sponsored by Smirnoff. (Please drink responsibly.)


The problem that the tool is trying to fix is the emphasis on male artists at the top of the charts. “According to Spotify data, none of the top 10 most-streamed tracks were performed by women artists or bands in 2017,” says the press release. It is true that women are left out of the top of Spotify charts, Billboard charts, and many music award shows, like the Grammys, the Latin Grammys, the Latin Billboard Awards, and more. So the idea is that, if you’re not listening to women already, this app can help.

Play around with the equalizer here. I visited the site, logged in through my Spotify account, and found out I listen to almost twice as many female artists as I listen to male artists. (I have been on a Japanese Breakfast/Charli XCX/Soccer Mommy/Charly Bliss kick lately, and I am literally never not listening to Shakira, please never @ me.) Then I scrolled down to see my new “equalized” playlist and a slider that allowed me to change up the gender breakdown. Because my listening habits were already at about 30% men to 70% women artists, I could transition to 50-50% or crank it up to 10-90%. But I honestly think the app might be a little buggy (or maybe I listen to too many women!) because no matter where I dragged the slider, no men ever showed up on my playlist. Darn.


I believe in equal opportunities for men and women and I will try to listen to more men in the future. No promises, though—I’m queuing up Shakira’s “Donde Estas Corazon” right now. Bye!

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