Not That It's My Business, But Meghan Trainor Is Engaged to One of the Spy Kids??

From left: Spy Kid, radio personality Part-Time Justin, Meghan Trainor / via Rick Kern/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Meghan Trainor is a popular American recording artist, that much is certain. She’s also one that is covered very little within the mainstream music press, so it’s reasonable that I’m a little out of touch with all things Ms. Trainor-related: her interests, her recent releases (a song from the Smurfs movie this year?), and, most of all, her dating life. Apparently Trainor has been romantically involved with one of the Spy Kids, Daryl Sabara, since October 2016. As Page Six points out, she said YESSSS to his marriage inquiry over the weekend, under a tunnel of Christmas lights and surrounded by family and friends.

Meghan, some of our colleagues aren’t crazy about your music (I’ve always had a soft spot for “Lips Are Movin’,” for what it’s worth), but just know that we’re happy for you and the Spy Kid! After this news, the TrackRecord team also checked in on the other Spy Kid, Alexa PenaVega, who’s now very much a Spy Grown-Up and occasionally firing off responses to viral tweets that then go more viral:


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