via Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media

The representation of women at music award shows has a long way to go. It’s a huge problem in general interest and pop categories, but the country music genre is not without its own gender disparities. This year, only men were nominated for Country Artist of the Year at the iHeartRadio Music Awards: sexiest man alive Blake Shelton, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Thomas Rhett. Grammy-nominated country artist Cam can only think of one good reason why that would be. “The majority of country listeners are female (actually true) but apparently we prefer listening male singers so we can ‘dream about them being [our] boyfriend’ (actually said to me),” the singer tweeted Tuesday.

She was responding to a tweet from a radio station asking listeners to vote on which country artist they think would win. “Sure hope #iHeartAwards picks the hottest one, cause that’s all my lady-brain can understand!”

It was a joke. A good one! She was being sarcastic and demonstrating how lowly some people must think of female country music fans and artists alike. Unfortunately, some people didn’t get it. One Twitter user, @Marcey_RanFan, took her seriously, and added that yes, “single, lonely and cheated on females” actually do “relate the songs and artist to their fantasy lovers.” Cam was like, Whaaat?? I’m paraphrasing. Cam was like, “Sorry, are you saying single or cheated on people are all dumb, broken and desperate? Or just the female ones…?”

The Twitter user would not let up, and called Cam out for using the word “dumb” when “nobody used it but her.” Cam further explained, “Yes, I used that word bc only a dumb person buys music slowly based on their sex drive.” She spelled it out even further, “I’m saying female consumers are being underestimated / incorrectly blamed for the lack of female artists.”


That’s about as clearly as you can say it, so I hope Cam’s fans got the picture. Correcting random people on Twitter and schooling them on sexism is basically a public good, and I am thankful for that.