Via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Today the Grammys announced their 2018 nominations and there was a noticeable demographic missing in the Album of the Year category: White guys. Those nominated: Childish Gambino (not white), Jay-Z (not white), Kendrick Lamar (not white), Lorde (not a dude), and Bruno Mars (not white). Where are the caucasian men this year?

Ed Sheeran, who could’ve easily been on lock for any of the big three categories (Song, Record and Album of the Year) was shut out, despite “Shape of You” being the biggest hit ever on Spotify. Harry Styles, who made huge classic rock gestures with his self-titled debut, didn’t receive a single nomination. No white rock band snuck onto the list of the major categories, so don’t expect any surprise Arcade Fire-style victories next February.


The Best New Artist category, too, featured no white dudes, so the future isn’t looking too bright for their contributions to music.

Who could forget when the 2015 Grammy Awards when Beck’s Morning Phase, an acceptable collection of late period slacker dad rock, beat Beyoncé’s self-titled LP? You can be certain 2018 won’t have any of those shenanigans, because white guys simply couldn’t put together a decent full length last year. Maybe next time, fellas.

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