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Pitbull, Mr. Worldwide and my president, will speak before the United Nations on Thursday, March 22 for World Water Day. The rapper is set to address the UN General Assembly at their New York headquarters in his new role as Global Ambassador for the Clean Water Here Foundation, an organization which works closely with the UN and hopes to achieve “universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all” by 2030. I personally don’t expect Pitbull to solve this on his own, but he’s somehow taken more enterprising steps to solve the water crisis than most every elected official?


Anyway, this water thing’s an uphill battle! As of 2015, roughly 2.1 billion people still lacked access to safe drinking water, and the UN projects that if the world continues on its current path, we might experience a 40 percent shortfall in water availability by 2030. To make matters worse, 4.5 billion people—or more than half of the world’s population—don’t have access to safely managed sanitation facilities.

Although the worldwide water crisis impacts least developed countries most of all, superpowers aren’t doing much to help matters. The big greasy US president boy, in his mission to undo every action of his predecessor, rolled back clean water regulations and allowed coal companies to deposit whatever the fuck they choose into streams last year. Over in China, the water’s as unhealthy as the air, with 56.4 percent of water in Shanghai, the country’s largest city, serving no function as of 2015. It was even bleaker in China’s main port city, Tianjin, where just 4.9 percent of water was safe for drinking.


Back to Pitbull: He’s spearheading the “Clean Water Here Cause Flash” social media campaign, which is also supported by Bruno Mars, Pink, Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne, and more. Awareness is always the first step, and when Pitbull tells me to do something, I listen.

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