Star Baby Ariel's Debut Song Is A Bop?

via Kacie Tomita
via Kacie Tomita

If there was ever a time to use the words “bubble gum pop” to describe a song, it is today. Baby Ariel, the 17-year-old from Florida who got her start in the music business by posting videos and garnering followers on the teen-friendly lip-syncing app (still with me?) dropped her debut single today. It’s very cute, it’s called “Aww” (a little on the nose here, but that’s OK), and it’s features a glitchy beat, baby-like coos, and in the music video, a gaggle of her equally famous friends: Patrick Starr, Arii, Zach Clayton, and Daniel Skye. It’s a bit like, well, a video, but longer and with more going on—if you’ve seen her videos there, you’ll recognize some of her dance moves in the visual.


“Aww” proves that Baby Ariel is able to translate her massive following on into real-life success, which is a sign that the lip-syncing app could be the next Vine or YouTube. If Baby Ariel can pull this off, she could potentially become the next Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber. We’ll have to wait and see—she’s the first of the world to branch out into making actual music, and this is the first thing we’ve heard from her. But it’s not bad! One of the lines goes: “You’re so freakin’ cute, I think I could get used to you. Aww, aww!” I mean... come on! Aww!

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