Migos & Lil Yachty Fuel Their Beef With Joe Budden in "Ice Tray" Music Video

Via Rich Fury/Getty Images for Netflix
Via Rich Fury/Getty Images for Netflix

Migos don’t really like Joe Budden. Lil Yachty doesn’t really like Joe Budden. Tension started last spring, when Budden, the co-host of Complex’s shot Everyday Struggle, appeared flummoxed over Yachty’s decidedly non-rap outlook on his musical career—Budden was also oddly troubled by the diverse cover art for Yachty’s album Teenage Emotions. Then, during a taping of Everyday Struggle at the BET Awards, his co-host DJ Akademikz asked Migos member Takeoff about not being included on the group’s hit song “Bad and Boujee.” The rapper didn’t appear to like the question, which led to a visibly hilarious standoff between the talk show crew and the rap group.


Anyway, anyway—today Migos and Lil Yachty continue their incredibly petty beef with Budden in their new music video for “Ice Tray.” The video opens with a clip from a show called Old Rappers Struggling, clearly a reference to Everyday Struggle, that features lookalikes of Budden, Akademikz, and the third co-host, Nedeska. The faux Joe Budden complains about how much money the rappers are making and even claims that “They not about the culture.”

If song’s didn’t make it clear (“If a nigga hatin, call him Joe Budden”), then the video shows animosity remains between Budden and the rappers. Check out the video below:

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