via Mike Windle/Getty Images for iHeartMedia
via Mike Windle/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

On my fifth Christmas, I walked downstairs, sifted through my stocking, and vomited all over my first present of the day. (I think it was a brand new VHS of Toy Story 2.) It was probably fueled by some combination of excitement and anxiety—Christmas is a big deal! But this isn’t a personal essay about how Disney and Lysol taught me about dealing with a lifetime battle with nausea—this is about Meghan Trainor, whose engagement story is strikingly similar.

The “All About That Bass” star, who recently became engaged to Spy Kid actor Daryl Sabara, revealed to Sharon Osbourne and whoever else hosts CBS’ The Talk on Wednesday that she threw up all over the poor guy after he popped the question last December:

“We’re eating so much healthier nowadays, but we were at the hotel and we’re eating the hotel food and the day that we drove home I got food poisoning on the car ride. So, he’s driving and I’m just in his face like [throwing up sound], and I told him, ‘I’m so sorry,’ and he’s like, ‘I’d kiss you right now.’”


While I would never equate a human being with a gift-wrapped home video, nor would I kiss my VHS copy of Toy Story 2 right now if I could, I think this story reveals just how much Meghan Trainor and I have in common. Sure, our throw-up wasn’t necessarily caused by the same thing, but we both will forever associate vomit with major life events. I’m prepared to pull out this anecdote should we ever meet someday.

Watch her relive the moment below:

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