What makes a K-Pop group? The question is a bit more contentious than you’d think—just take a look at EXP Edition, the New York City-based group of non-Korean musicians looking to make it big in Seoul, South Korea. (They’re...problematic, to say the least.) Next up is Honey Popcorn, a Japanese trio preparing to make their K-Pop debut Wednesday, March 14, according to AllKPop, a popular Korean music blog. Normally this wouldn’t be particularly blog-worthy (girl groups come and go with incredible speed, particularly in K-Pop) but Honey Popcorn is made up of adult film stars—something unheard of in this space. It’s K-Pop goes porn, y’all!


On Friday, February 23, Korean news outlet Sports Chosun revealed that Yua Mikami, a Japanese porn star, formed her own K-Pop group to be revealed in March. On Wednesday, February 28, AllKPop learned Mikami would be joined by Miko (born Okada Risako, formerly of J-Pop girl group NMB48) and Sakura (real name Ito Yuu of Japanese girl group Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome) for said group, and get this—both women are also adult film stars.

There’s a lot going on here: All three women are Japanese, and the group is being marketed as a K-Pop girl group—their March debut will take place at YES 24 Live Hall, a massive arena in Seoul. We don’t know exactly what Honey Popcorn will sound like, or if their musical product will relate to their other work, but it’ll be interesting to find out.


K-Pop is no new genre, but it’s international successes seem to grow with every passing day—perhaps Honey Popcorn is simply a step in a new direction, challenging how we understand the genre. To that I say—get it, girls.

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