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Marilyn Manson, the always transgressive and usually misguided shock rocker, was probably at or near the bottom of the list of people whose opinion we needed to hear about the Harvey Weinstein fallout. And yet, the UK’s Channel 4 News, hitching on the fact that Manson was once engaged to one of the victims named in the New York Timesinitial Weinstein report, Rose McGowan, asked Manson about the movement’s implications for Hollywood and beyond. He, for one, is worried about the movies, and how it might turn the “world’s attention from the artistic element of Hollywood.”

Manson also laments that all sexual misconduct allegations are being treated with the same graveness, when “serious” sexual assault should be dealt with differently than someone getting questionable gifts (?), an allegation I have not heard post-Weinstein (via Consequence of Sound):

“When someone starts complaining about something that happened that seems a little bit not as serious as really sexual assault, I think it’s insulting to people that have been sexually assaulted,” he said. “It pisses me off that when someone says, ‘Someone gave me an inappropriate gift.’ That’s not the same as being harmed.”


He also displays a fundamental misunderstanding of how many perpetrators of sexual violence actually face severe legal consequences (6 in 1,000), and doesn’t see why women would come to the press with their stories. “I just think that if you have something to say you should say it to the police and not the press,” he says.

Manson and the interviewer both fail to mention the story of Jessicka Addams, who recently accused Manson’s former bandmate Twiggy Ramirez (real name Jeordie White) of rape this October. She wrote that she remained silent for years, fearing that no one would believe her and that she’d potentially face repercussions from the industry. So perhaps, that is why women would turn to the press, where there’s a greater than 1 percent chance that their stories will be believed and handled with empathy. Just a thought.

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