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On Tuesday, BBC 3 announced a new documentary, Manchester Bomb: The Girls’ Story, to focus on the young female survivors of the May 22, 2017 suicide bombing at Manchester Arena in the U.K. The attack, which took place at an Ariana Grande concert, injured at least 59 and killed 22 (children among the fatalities) when a nail bomb detonated in the lobby of the 21,000-person capacity venue.


Manchester Bomb: The Girls’ Story has yet to announce a release date. According to NME, the film follows a group of 11 to 28-year-olds as they attend medical appointments and counseling in a attempt to deal with the devastating event.”

Director Lizzie Kempton told NME about the project:

“I feel so privileged to have been filming with these girls. No-one can truly understand what they and their families have been through but I hope this documentary can give some insight and show the strength of these girls at such a difficult time in their lives.”


Damian Kavanagh, BBC Three’s controller, stressed the film’s focus:

“Because this attack happened to young people, we felt it was vital that we found a way to tell the inspirational stories of those that were affected by this awful event as they rebuild their lives.”


The Manchester Arena terrorism attack inspired global outrage and empathy, but it’s reassuring to see the BBC, and this new documentary, work to celebrate the young women who are pushing forward with their lives in the face of tragedy.

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