File this under things no one could ever expect to happen: Apparently Hollywood superstar Margot Robbie (you know her for her work in Neighbours, Suicide Squad, and most recently, the Oscar-nominated I, Tonya) was once—and kind of still is—a huge metal dork. In a new interview with BBC Radio 1, the Aussie actress reveals a childhood fascination with the heavy music genre, namedropping Metallica, Thrice (who aren’t metal, but I’ll let her have this one), and Bullet for My Valentine. It’s incredible.


That’s not all! Nick Grimshaw, beloved BBC Radio 1 host and maybe-probably-not-but-it-is-nice-to-dream ex-boyfriend to One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles (educate yourself in 1D gossip, dang) knew all this ahead of time, and asked Bullet for My Valentine to dedicate a song to her at their Saskatoon, Canada tour date. They did, he showed her the footage, she was delighted, the whole thing was very strange, but I’m goddamn delighted, too.

Check it out at the 6:00 minute mark above.

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