File this under things no one could ever expect to happen: Apparently Hollywood superstar Margot Robbie (you know her for her work in Neighbours, Suicide Squad, and most recently, the Oscar-nominated I, Tonya) was onceā€”and kind of still isā€”a huge metal dork. In a new interview with BBC Radio 1, the Aussie actress reveals a childhood fascination with the heavy music genre, namedroppingĀ Metallica, Thrice (who arenā€™t metal, but Iā€™ll let her have this one), and Bullet for My Valentine. Itā€™s incredible.

Thatā€™s not all! Nick Grimshaw, beloved BBC Radio 1 host and maybe-probably-not-but-it-is-nice-to-dream ex-boyfriend to One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles (educate yourself in 1D gossip, dang) knew all this ahead of time, and asked Bullet for My Valentine to dedicate a song to her at their Saskatoon, Canada tour date. They did, he showed her the footage, she was delighted, the whole thing was very strange, but Iā€™m goddamn delighted, too.

Check it out at the 6:00 minute mark above.