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Lil Pump, real name Gazzy Garcia, is press shy. That might be a little shocking for a rapper with over 3.4 million Instagram followers, who frequently goes on Instagram live just to yell his signature phrase “ESKGETIT.” But throughout a recent Complex profile, the only real constant is how much Lil Pump, or at least Lil Pump’s team, is concerned about him speaking to the press. Tepidness around interviews for a young artist certainly isn’t unusual, but why even go through the whole charade if Lil Pump doesn’t want to participate?

The more pressing concern after reading the profile: Despite the number of publicists, label people, and “friends” surrounding the 17-year-old, is anyone actually making sure Lil Pump is okay?


The profile’s opening anecdote begins at a strip club:

By the time the cake is set down in front of Pump, it’s clear that it’s meant to look like a Xanax. (This is unlike the green Xanax cake that Pump used to mark his reaching one million Instagram followers.) All the adults in the room think this is very funny, but there are very few teenagers around to laugh. He blows out the candle and cuts the cake. Beside me, a Warner executive, who in context looks like Al Bundy, gushes about how Pump is “a rockstar,” then abruptly stands and says to the table, “Well, I’m out of here—can’t have fun when the boss is around.”

For a little context, here’s the Xanax cake that Lil Pump was given for reaching a million Instagram followers:


Writer Paul Thompson portrays Lil Pump as a fairly boring teenager, which is fine, because as we know after endless profiles of Instagram famous teens, they aren’t interesting. Still, it would be nice if he or perhaps the label executive raised a question or two about giving a Xanax cake to a teenager who is constantly on Instagram drinking cough syrup and smoking weed. Or maybe call attention to videos like this one, in which Lil Pump shoots a loaded gun out of a car.

None of that is contemplated. Instead, Dooney Battle, the CEO of Lil Pump’s label Tha Lights Global, compares the rapper to Jay-Z. Not in terms of musical style or potential business savvy, but that Jay-Z did an exclusive interview with Rap Radar, and Battle wants Complex to be the exclusive space for future Lil Pump content. In case one thought Battle wasn’t serious, Thompson closes the piece with a teaser of the next Lil Pump x Complex feature (Presented By Xanax):

Members of his team flock toward me, asking if I got what I needed, politely apologizing for the lack of a longer interview. He’ll open up more in the future, they promise. It’ll be different.


I wonder what drug shaped cake will be at his next birthday party.

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