Via Anna Webber/Getty Images
Via Anna Webber/Getty Images

Lil Pump, the teenaged, Florida-raised, “Gucci Gang” rapper is apparently getting behind the board, and trying his hand at production. On Tuesday evening the pink-haired up-and-comer uploaded 38-seconds of a new, untitled track on Twitter, one he claims to have produced himself. It’s full of blown-out bass and his trademark, percussive barking:


Though it was his 2017, No. 3 on the charts, smash “Gucci Gang” that made Lil Pump a public figure, this Twitter teaser recalls his earlier, 2016 SoundCloud material. (Calling it “earlier,” literally means two years ago—Pump is only 17, and a relatively new figure in the rap world, despite how much success he’s achieved.)

The beats are fine, but I’m a bit more excited about Lil Pump’s future as a mathematician. It looks like he just learned the Pythagorean theorem:

I’m not sure if Geometry or production is in Pump’s future, but maybe he could find a good computer science program to get into. Oh, and there’s always that rap thing.

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