via Jared Siskin/Getty Images for Warner Music Group
via Jared Siskin/Getty Images for Warner Music Group

Lil Pump, the teenage rap talent behind the earworm hit “Gucci Gang,” has reportedly been arrested for firing a gun in an inhabited place on Wednesday night, according to TMZ. If you’re anything like me, his representatives’ explanation of the incident will make you go, “Huh?? What the!”

Lil Pump’s manager, after speaking to the 17-year-old, told police that three men were trying to break into the rapper’s San Fernando Valley home around 4 p.m., when one of them fired a gun through the front door in their attempt to enter it. Uh, what kind of intruders would 1.) try and break into someone’s house in the middle of the afternoon, 2.) try and break in through the front door...? Unless, of course, they were really good at it? Even if they were, why would shooting a gun once through door open it?


The police also sensed something was up. According to TMZ, the authorities determined that (judging by the bullet hole) the shot came from inside the house. The rapper’s manager then said three guys definitely tried to break into the house, but Pump shot through the door because he thought they were close to entering. After the police found the gun in some bushes under Lil Pump’s balcony and ammunition inside the house (and say he’d been smoking pot before they arrived), the rapper was arrested. His mother is also now “under investigation for endangering a minor and having an unsecured gun at home.”

Will we ever know if there were actually people trying to break into Lil Pump’s home? There are security tapes, and his team is looking into them. I wonder what they’ll find.

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