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via Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

The Grammys have a gender problem, and—shocker!—things aren’t any better for women competing for recognition from Latin music-specific award shows. Who would have guessed?

A new study from Ruidosa, a feminist collective and festival organization, examined how women fared against men in three major Latin music awards in 2017: the Latin Grammys, the Latin Billboard Awards, and los Premios 40 Principales. (Disclaimer: Univision, which owns the Gizmodo Media Group, also presents the Latin Grammys.) Sexism in the music industry is no new revelation, but the results of this study found new ways to disappoint me, which I didn’t think was possible anymore. Across the three award shows, the study counted 504 total nominations, of which 68 went to women artists (or roughly 14%). The authors also counted 117 total winners, 14 of which were women (or about 12%).


The Latin Grammys had the highest representation of women nominees and winners (18% and 19%, respectively), but that’s only slightly higher than the representation of women across all three award shows. Meanwhile, the Latin Billboard Awards (which the study refers to as the most highly regarded music award show in Latin America for its nomination of artists according to radio popularity and sales numbers, unlike the Latin Grammys,) only awarded ONE WOMAN last year: Jennifer Lopez! For SOCIAL ARTIST OF THE YEAR!! Whatever that means!!!!

Those numbers are not so different from the representation of women at the regular ol’ Grammys. A study from the USC Annenberg Inclusivity Initiative looked at the nominees for five categories at the Grammys—Record, Song, Album, and Producer of the Year, along with Best New Artist—over a five-year period and found that women are woefully underrepresented there, too.

We could have told you that from just watching the parade of dudes at the Grammys every year, but it’s nice to have the data to back it up. Let’s do better, everyone!

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