via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for CBS Radio Inc.
via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for CBS Radio Inc.

Lana Del Rey has confirmed that her 2012 song “Cola” was inspired by a “Harvey Weinstein-type character.” In an interview with MTV News, published today, Del Rey opened up about the song from her Paradise EP, and says that she’ll “definitely” retire it from her live performances (via MTV):

“When I wrote that song, I suppose I had a Harvey Weinstein/Harry Winston-type of character in mind,” she says of the track off her 2012 Paradise EP. “I envisioned, like, a benevolent, diamond-bestowing-upon-starlets visual, like a Citizen Kane or something. I’m not really sure. I thought it was funny at the time, and I obviously find it really sad now. I support the women who have come forward. I think they’re really brave for doing that.”


Page Six reported last month that there’s one line in “Cola” that got Weinstein’s attention. It goes “Ah, he’s in the sky with diamonds and he’s making me crazy,” but it sounds like “Harvey’s in the sky.” According to Page Six, the original line in fact included Harvey’s name, but when Weinstein heard that, he flipped out and asked Del Rey to remove it. This writer still hears it as “Harvey.” Decide for yourself below:

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