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Kid Rock has donated $122,000 of the money he raised while flirting with a fake Senate campaign to CRNC Action, an affiliate of the College Republican National Committee. CRNC Action president Ted Dooley confirmed to the Detroit News that Rock made the donation in early December to the organization that tabled at his concerts last summer, and if that’s the price we have to pay to avoid Senator Robert James Ritchie (Rock’s real name) wearing a sleeveless suit jacket to vote on immigration reform, I’m fine with it.

Kid Rock fucked with the press and his fans a lot in 2017, reassuring that his Senate ambitions weren’t a hoax, until he incredulously confirmed it as a hoax on the Howard Stern Show in October. He ultimately became more like a regular ass politician than he’d like to admit, making heaps of unsustainable promises and coming up short before he had a chance to even run for office. In one of his whirlwind statements posted to his website, Rock pledged to create a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization for the promotion of voter registration. The Detroit News confirms that he never did this, created a campaign committee, or filed with the Federal Election Commission—the last of which could lead to the FEC looking into the early phase of his would-be campaign.


His latest donation, which is probably just a way to avoid legal action, makes me wonder: Do you think College Republicans like Kid Rock? They always strike me more as the “I got into country music after 9/11" types, but I could be wrong. With the Republican party currently existing as this powerful but amorphous blob of stuffy suits and cowboy renegades, only hell-bent on shredding the establishment, it’s possible that College Republicans lean more in the former category. But who knows, I bet the Turning Point USA babies can get down to “All Summer Long.”

Maybe his donations will inspire a Kid Rock Jr., and we’ll have to write this dumb old story all over again in 15 years.

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