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Multiple-Grammy Award winner Kendrick Lamar has entered the world of real estate. According to TMZ, the DAMN. rapper recently purchased a huge home for a cool $2.65 million in the celebrity-and-rich-people haven of Calabasas, California, a city in Los Angeles County. TMZ cites sources that don’t expect Kenny to sleep in his new, ridiculously luxurious crib—he reportedly bought the property purely for investment purposes. This is surprising if only for the fact that Lamar doesn’t flaunt his wealth, like, ever—unlike most rappers, he doesn’t even wear chains—but this move makes it clear that he’s sitting comfortably in an upper tax bracket.


So what exactly did Lamar buy? It’s a swanky space featuring six bedrooms, six bathrooms sprawled out over a massive 5,400 square feet. Modestly, the home features a pool, gym, huge backyard and multiple, double-sided fireplaces.

If you, like me, love looking into the glamorous homes of the rich and famous, check out images of Lamar’s new spot, below, via Crisnet. One of rap’s biggest modern icons sure knows how to live...or, at least, invest.


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