K-Pop-Punk Is Here, Thanks to BTS and Fall Out Boy

BTS had a great year—and part of that great year includes an undeniable celebration by stateside audiences far beyond the reach of the K-Pop obsessed. Have you seen their AMA performance of “DNA”? Damn. This merry band of perfectly choreographed boys are not “crossing over” to American audiences as much as they are taking their genre-averse stadium-ready sound and shoving it in our faces, and guess what? It’s great! Speaking on behalf of all American people here, we love it.


Their hit “MIC DROP” featuring everyone’s favorite panda, Desiigner, has been sitting pretty on the Billboard Hot 100 for a while now. Soon BTS’ greatest competition will be...themselves: Yesterday the seven-person ensemble released a remix of the Fall Out Boy track “Champion,” and it’s...kinda great? K-Pop-Punk is the future, man. Check it out below.

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