Last week we reported that Seo Min-woo, leader of K-Pop boy band 100%, died Sunday, March 25. He was 33 years old. In a statement provided by his record label, TOP Media, Seo Min-woo (often referred to as just “Minwoo”) suffered cardiac arrest, the cause of which is currently unknown.


At the time of Minwoo’s passing, 100% had two concert dates scheduled in Japan, one on Saturday, April 21 and another Monday, April 30. Fans were unsure if the band would continue on after Minwoo’s passing, but it appears they will—in a statement provided by AllKPop, a popular Korean music blog, TOP Media shared the following:

“[100%] will resume with their Japanese spring concerts this April 21 and April 30, as well as the remainder of their official activities. We concluded that they will resume with all of their planned schedules after discussing the matter with the members for a long time. We respected the members’ wishes to keep their promises with their fans.” 


So, not only are the gigs going to take place, it sounds like the band will continue on without Minwoo. How the performances will differ is unknown, but here’s hoping his legacy continues on through 100%’s music.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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