Julia Holter Accuses Matt Mondanile of Being "Emotionally Abusive"

Via Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for FYF

On Tuesday night, October 24, the singer Julia Holter took to Facebook to tell her own story about the former Real Estate guitarist, Matt Mondanile. The singer’s former band Real announced earlier this month that Mondanile was fired over his “unacceptable” treatment of women.

Mondanile made Holter feel “afraid for my life,” she explains in her letter, and she ultimately decided to get a lawyer involved. She adds that, over the last two years, she has been open about these experiences privately for the sake of “transparency”:

“I have been candid about this experience with friends and loved ones, and even on a professional level with people in the music world, for the past two years since it was happening, because I believed this transparency was important and it seemed as though the manipulation couldn’t have stopped with just me, thought I had remained unaware until this past week of any others’ accounts of abuse.


But Holter says that in that same time, she felt “alone/confused” about Mondanile’s behavior and wondered “if there was missing information” she didn’t have. She explains: “When you’re in it, you question your own reality and you wonder if you are making things up or are you making a big deal out of nothing.”

The accounts of others who have come forward with their own stories about Mondanile “helped me understand,” she writes.

Over the last two weeks, many have stepped forward with allegations against Mondanile. Spin spoke to a number of women, who allege Mondanile has shown a pattern of targeting and stalking younger women dating back to at least 2008.

Holter’s full letter can be here. We also reached out to Mondanile for comment, and will update with any new information.

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