Jeremy Corbyn Doesn't Want Shania Twain to Top the UK Album Charts

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Today, world leaders engage in Twitter wars with superstar athletes and implicitly wish for the demise of Shania Twain. Jeremy Corbyn, U.K.’s Labour Party leader, is currently doing the latter.

It’s not that Corbyn has beef with the Queen of Country Pop; it’s just that he has a relationship with Wolf Alice, the British band who’s battling Twain for No. 1. (Their great sophomore album Visions of a Life came out last week.) Before the U.K.’s general election this summer, frontwoman Ellie Rowsell filmed a video for Corbyn’s YouTube channel, urging fans to register to vote. Now, Corbyn appears to be returning the favor, tweeting his support for Wolf Alice in the Chart Wars.


“After helping Labour beat the odds in the election, it’s great to see @WolfAliceMusic doing the same in the charts,” he wrote.

As we witnessed two weeks ago in the U.S., with Cardi B and Taylor Swift’s clash for No. 1, fans tend to take this shit personally, dreaming up rivalries between artists who might be far from the same orbit. Granted, Twain fans were provoked this week, when Wolf Alice drummer Joey Amey shared a harrowing statement about line dancing to Twain’s music when he was in grade school (via NME):

“When I was in year four, one of our teachers (Mrs Bond) used to take us for compulsory line dancing lessons every week,” Amey revealed. “My poor, fat, nine-year-old self had to dance back and forth to an endless loop of ‘Man, I Fee Like A Woman’ while cursing the name of Shania Twain.

“Time passes and memories fade. By lo! 15 years later, like a country star makeover of ‘It’, she has returned from her slumber to take on the real life Loosers Club Wolf Alan from taking the top spot. Together we can put an end to this madness.”


At least a handful of fan accounts, the kind that use photos of Shania Twain as their avatar, didn’t get the joke and responded ruthlessly.


It got to the point where Wolf Alice deleted the original tweet about Amey’s line dance story. And Amey seems to regret opening the fan account floodgates.


May this strange beef never die.

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