Jake Paul, Worst Person on Earth, Isn't Going Anywhere

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Jake Paul—social media celebrity, infrequent rapper (“It’s Everyday Bro”) and Worst Person on Earth—might be developing a YouTube Red series. On Thursday the Hollywood Reporter reported that Paul is in talks for a program with a “late-night, variety show feel.” He is, supposedly, going to host and executive produce the untitled project with the help of Gavin Purcell, showrunner of Sarah Silverman’s Hulu talk show I Love You, America, who is reportedly tapped to produce the pilot. Get ready to see more Jake Paul?


Earlier this year Jake Paul’s brother, frequent collaborator and fellow YouTuber Logan Paul faced intense backlash for filming a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara forest (a known destination for those planning to kill themselves) and posting the video on his channel. Logan’s own YouTube Red season was later cancelled. Jake Paul, himself, isn’t free of controversy, either—TMZ recently found footage of him saying “nigga” on camera—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But J is apparently trying to do more with his platform, earlier this month filming a video with survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting as a way to bring attention to the topic of gun violence. It’s not free of tone-deaf suggestions, so who knows.

Truly, I’m asking, who knows? YouTube has yet to confirm Paul’s series, a spokeswoman for the video sharing platform shared a statement with the Hollywood Reporter claiming: “Last year, we engaged in early development deals with a handful of YouTube creators as part of our normal process to evaluate new creative ideas. There is no series order currently in place.” No one on Jake Paul’s team has confirmed the show, either.


It’ll be interesting to see what direction the YouTuber takes, and if this variety show thing actually happens. Whatever the case, let’s just hope there’s no more rapping.

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