I Found Twenty One Pilots, They're Hanging Out With Drake...From Drake and Josh

Photo: Chloe Rice (Disney Parks via Getty Images)

At the beginning of this month, I posed a very serious, not-at-all lighthearted inquiry: Where the hell did Twenty One Pilots go? At that point, it had been a minute since we heard or even seen from the dynamic duo of frontman Tyler Joseph and percussionist Josh Dun. That changed last week, when video of Dun in the studio surfaced on social media. Ask and you shall receive, right?

Anyway, in the Twitter clips below, you’ll see Dun doing what he does best in footage captured by...actor Drake Bell, of Nickelodeon ‘00s show Drake and Josh fame. It is...extremely weird, but also extremely in line with the interests of TOP’s young fanbase (those kiddos are nostalgic for the stuff they grew up on WHILE they continue to grow up. The internet is nuts, man.)


Could this mean new Twenty One Pilots material is coming our way? Is Dun just, like, solid buds with Bell? Who knows. If you know, drop me a line, because I’d love to know: maria.sherman@gizmodomedia.com.

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