It's Official: Migos Are at Least as Good as the Beatles, if Not Better

via by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Bravado
via by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Bravado

Migos, the three wise men of rap, currently have 14 (!) singles on the Hot 100 at the same time—thanks to their latest album, Culture II, which dropped last month and debuted at No. 1. This is great news for Migos, who are finally, almost, this close to beating their longtime nemeses, the Beatles. There was a meme going around a few years ago that read, “Migos are better than the Beatles”—a meme that has endured because it is stated so plainly, it sounds like fact. And now it is, basically, fact! Migos are definitely as good as the Beatles, having just tied the English rock band for most simultaneous Hot 100 singles. With just one more song charting, they could be better than the Beatles (of course: that’s according to this one, super-specific metric.)


It should be stated that Migos are probably better than the Beatles in a zillion other, hard-to-define ways. How do you begin to explain the cultural phenomenon that was “Bad and Boujee,” not to mention the ridiculously fun, borderline absurdist nature of early hits “Versace” and “Hannah Montana”? How do you even begin to talk about “Freak No Mo’”, a song that has haunted me for years with its indelible lines, “Please do not try and run game on me / I’m not a Playstation / Please do not try and run game on me / I’m not a 360...”?

The answer is: You can’t. The charts are dumb, anyway, but I guess tying the Beatles on the Hot 100 will help some old school music fans get behind the idea that the future is now, the future is Migos, and they’re full of bops.

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