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There’s a lot I don’t love about the holiday season: The cold, the snow days that become mush weeks, the traveling when you’re already exhausted from Thanksgiving traveling, the knowledge that you’ll be bombarded with discounted gym membership ads starting Jan. 1 and ending...never. I could go on. But I do love pretty much anything Harry Styles is in (I really considered watching Dunkirk for that reason alone) and now, he’s in the latest episode of late night talk show host James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” in a floral-print shirt. It’s cute! It’s cheesy. And to be honest, it’s making me feel a little better about this whole upcoming winter holiday season situation.


Styles is no stranger to hanging out with Corden and making a fool of himself on TV—the singer had a one-week residency on The Late Late Show leading up to the release of his solo debut album; he’s appeared on Carpool twice, once even getting a tattoo live on Corden’s show, just because. So when Harry goes in for a kiss when Corden looks over at him and says happy holidays, you know it’s because there’s basically nothing these guys won’t do for the camera. That’s show biz! Anyway, watch the video below for some holiday cheer.

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