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Justin Timberlake wants you to know—he is “Filthy.” The pop performer released the first single from his upcoming album, Man of the Woods, this morning, partnered with a really bizarre video in which he pretends to be Apple mastermind Steve Jobs. Considering JT’s filmography, a tech exec rebrand is exactly what he’s been preparing us for—who could forget his role in the 2010 Facebook film, The Social Network?

Anyway! In the “Filthy” video, Timberlake sports a slightly updated, quintessentially Steve Jobs black turtleneck and leads a presentation at the “Pan-Asian Deep Learning Conference” in 2028 (which is not a real thing, just FYI.) He, in extreme Jobs-fashion, introduces a lifelike robot that mimics his every move. Not an extremely innovative idea, but something that is certainly fun to watch.


Now, you might ask yourself, why would anyone build a robot that still requires full human control? Aren’t robots supposed to make life easier and allow people to do less? All of the products Steve Jobs built makes my life easier...I think?

Just picture it, Timberlake as Jobs:

If you’ve seen The Social Network, you probably remember Timberlake’s performance as Sean Parker, the eccentric Napster co-founder. He really embodied the cultural moment leading up to FB’s launch, which is why the “Filthy” video is kind of hilarious. Did you know Aaron Sorkin, the man behind The Social Network, wrote another film in 2015 called Steve Jobs? Could he have predicted this long-coming Justin Timberlake moment?

Probably not: Justin Timberlake’s Steven Jobs hangs out with human robots that, at one especially concerning moment, appears to have sex with a model. The crowd bizarrely bursts into applause at the image, which could be read as chilling commentary on tech optimism, or something equally as dark.

May JT’s transformation into sexy Steve Jobs continue.

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