I Can’t Stop Listening to Drake’s “Nice For What”

Cardi B’s full-length album Invasion of Privacy delivered one of the year’s best getting-ready/going-out songs, “She Bad.” (The two-syllable title perfectly captures the track’s ethos and serves as a personal inspiration to me.) Not to be outdone, Drake submitted his entry into the Song of the Summer category early, too, dropping “Nice For What” late Friday night. A refreshing deviation from themes oft-explored in his work (loneliness, being upset his girl left him, wishing that girl would call him on his cell phone), “Nice For What” is a light-hearted, fizzy celebration of every woman out there paying her bills before heading to the club.


In the past two days, I have listened to it no less than one hundred thousand times, and it makes me ready for warmer temperatures and taking really good selfies. (Drake doesn’t care! Take as many as you want!) Verses like “I understand, you gotta hundred bands / You got a baby Benz, you got some bad friends / High school pics, you was even bad then” are Drake’s take on the “She Bad” manifesto, which he seems to wholeheartedly approve. And I approve of that, Drake. It is worth mentioning, too, that the “Nice For What” music video also rules and was directed by Karena Evans, who also did the touching “God’s Plan” video, #hiremorewomen! (Watch it above.)

I hereby declare “Nice For What” Drake’s official apology to the girl in “Hotline Bling,” which is a good song that gets on my nerves sometimes. The universe is alright, at least for the next five minutes. I dunno about you, but I’ll take it.

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