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Original Story (1.10, 11:43 a.m.): Earlier this month Logan Paul, one of YouTube’s most popular personalities, visited Aokigahara in Japan, a place known colloquially as the “suicide forest.” While there, Paul gawked at a dead boy, filmed it, posted the video on YouTube, received (well-deserved) ire from inside and out of the YouTube community, and apologized for his completely tone-deaf act in the most tone-deaf Twitter note of all time. The video landed on YouTube’s trending page and scored over a 6 million views before Paul, seemingly voluntarily, took it down. On Tuesday, YouTube offered a, let’s call it obtuse, response to the controversy:


Though Logan Paul wasn’t mentioned by name in the string of Tweets, it’s clear he’s the intended target, because Paul’s video violated YouTube’s community guidelines. According to those rules, a strike should be placed on his account. There hasn’t been any confirmation of that happening, but if he were to do any thing to provoke two more strikes within a three month period, his account would be terminated. It’s worth noting that since the incident, Logan Paul has stepped away from the platform, hopefully to consider his actions.

Folks are not happy with YouTube for taking so long to say anything:


So how will YouTube address Paul in the future, or work to prevent further grotesque stunts? The company certainly isn’t explaining itself well or offering any clear indication about how it’ll deal with these kinds of actions in the future. Until the company makes meaningful changes or addresses the issue head-on, the burden is placed on the YouTube community to express outrage and, I guess, cross their fingers that there will be consequences.

Update (1.11, 9:37 a.m.): On Wednesday night, YouTube confirmed it has placed collaborative projects with controversial social media star Logan Paul on hold. Paul won’t appear in the fourth season of YouTube Red show Foursome. The Thinning: New World Order (a sequel to the popular YouTube Red movie, The Thinning) that Paul was slatted to star in, has also been put on hold.


Paul has been removed from Google Preferred, a platform which allows brands to target the top 5 percent of YouTube creators with their advertisements. This all boils down to money: Paul has less access to making it through YT now.

We will update this post with any new information.

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