Is Julia Michaels in Heaven? Or Is She in Hell?

In the music video for her new song, “Heaven,” Julia Michaels sings in an austere and darkly lit kitchen while many shirtless dudes pass through her home. An apt visual, since the song is for the soundtrack to Fifty Shades Freed, the third film in a franchise all about fancy homes and sex that happens behind closed doors. But it’s also, frankly, a confusing visual. “They say ‘All good boys go to heaven,’” sings Michaels on the track, “but the bad boys brings heaven to you.”


It would stand, in that case, that these bad boys are the ones bringing heaven to the Grammy-nominated Michaels, as the men take turns smizing in the general direction of the camera and dipping into the freezer for some ice cream. Or, uh, is she bringing heaven to them? Perhaps she’s bringing hell? At the end of the video, one of shirtless hunks takes a bouquet of flowers that was just sitting there the whole time (one of few items in the kitchen, next to some coffee cups and the gratuitous ice cream) and SMASHES them on the counter. Oh no! Heaven isn’t what it seems!

And yet, with all these immaculate countertops and stoic facial expressions, I have no clue why there’s drama. Maybe it has something to do with the ring on Michaels’ finger, shown in the very last shot. (A note to the video’s directors: If you think that will satisfy my curiosity for more backstory here, you’re wrong! What is going on between Julia Michaels and these boys?)


Watch it for yourself above.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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