In What Universe Is Melania Trump More Admired Than Beyoncé?

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Did you know that Melania Trump is more admired than Beyoncé? Did you also know that Hillary Clinton, who recently became the subject of a very dumb Vanity Fair video scandal, is more admired than both of them? Thanks to a new Gallup poll, I, and now you too, know these facts.


The poll of 1,049 U.S. adults, conducted between December 4th and December 11th, found these interesting results. I harp on that number of 1,049, not to dismiss the polling outright, but because that the current first lady and Beyoncé both received only a single percentage point of the vote (10.49 votes) compared to Clinton’s 9 percent. So the difference between Trump and Beyoncé was likely a single vote or two.

Now, a Newsweek headline presented this fact with minimal context and said: “Melania Trump is More Popular Than Kate Middleton and Beyoncé, Latest Admiration Poll Says.” If they’d instead opted for the more truthful, “Two Random People In America Like Melania Trump Over Beyoncé, Big Shock” it might be too boring and factual. Hopefully those two people who voted for Trump over Beyoncé reconsider the value of their vote next time.

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