Did you know that Melania Trump is more admired than Beyoncé? Did you also know that Hillary Clinton, who recently became the subject of a very dumb Vanity Fair video scandal, is more admired than both of them? Thanks to a new Gallup poll, I, and now you too, know these facts.

The poll of 1,049 U.S. adults, conducted between December 4th and December 11th, found these interesting results. I harp on that number of 1,049, not to dismiss the polling outright, but because that the current first lady and BeyoncĂ© both received only a single percentage point of the vote (10.49 votes) compared to Clinton’s 9 percent. So the difference between Trump and BeyoncĂ© was likely a single vote or two.

Now, a Newsweek headline presented this fact with minimal context and said: “Melania Trump is More Popular Than Kate Middleton and BeyoncĂ©, Latest Admiration Poll Says.” If they’d instead opted for the more truthful, “Two Random People In America Like Melania Trump Over BeyoncĂ©, Big Shock” it might be too boring and factual. Hopefully those two people who voted for Trump over BeyoncĂ© reconsider the value of their vote next time.