I'm So Sad For My Beautiful Son, Harry Styles

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This morning, the 2018 Grammy nominations were announced and it’s actually pretty diverse—for an award show that has been behind the times (like all award shows) for decades, something feels promising about this year’s crop. Justice for Jay-Z! No white dudes in the Album of the Year category! Or in the Best New Artist category! SZA has five nominations! Please give “Despacito” something, my racist neighbor sings in Spanish sometimes now.


I couldn’t help but notice Harry Styles, once of the biggest boy band on the planet One Direction, now of floral suit fame, didn’t receive a single nomination for his fantastic full-length solo debut album. How? My beautiful son made a rock and roll album, and everyone thinks guitars are cool again! He probably inspired a bunch of tweens to go to the mall and buy old copies of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors at their local F.Y.E. (just kidding, we know CD shops don’t exist anymore). He literally saved rock and roll. There’s something so vintage and glamorous and sexy about the record that gave Harry the cover of Rolling Stone when 1D could not, the record that converted One Direction nonbelievers to the church of Styles.

I’m not asking for an Album of the Year nomination, or Record of the Year, but when the rock and alternative categories are full of boring olds like Queens of the Stone Age and LCD Soundsystem, you have to wonder: Where is the justice?

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