On Wednesday, March 29, Moogfest, an annual, multi-day, music, art and technology festival in Durham, North Carolina announced its second round of performers (aren’t fests grand, making you wait forever?) On said list, Wes Borland is billed to perform for four hours, straight. Yes, that Wes Borland—guitarist of nü-metal icons Limp Bizkit, the skeleton-costume toting man of “Break Stuff” fame. (He also played in post-hardcore band From First to Last for a minute, the very same project once fronted by EDM guru Skrillex—the DJ went by his birth name, Sonny Moore, at the time and the pictures are goddamn priceless. This is unnecessary information, but my true Borlads get it!)

Anyway, I think forcing smart, tech-savy music types to watch Wes Borland perform for four hours is a really funny move, but one I, personally, would only want to partake in if it meant that Limp Bizkit was getting the gang back together. (Counterpoint: Where are they?) I mean, bands breakup and reunite (usually the later these days and they’re making bank while doing it) all the time, isn’t it about time the rap rock revival came to be? Hell, just last week Jared Leto’s weird arena rawk band Thirty Seconds to Mars dropped a track with A$AP Rocky. Something is certainly in the water...


This is all conjecture, of course, and according to the statement a Moogfest representative sent to Pitchfork on Wednesday, a LB set probably isn’t going to happen—they explained that Borlandpalooza will be “super conceptual” taking the “artist somewhat out of their comfort zone,” adding, “Wes was always known to be into sonic experimentation, however in recent years he’s become obsessed with machines making music.” So, uh, take from that what you will.

I’ll leave you with this: Everything is fucked / Everybody sucks.

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