Yesterday, Kaskade uploaded a five-hour video to YouTube that features him sitting in a fancy armchair next to a crackling fireplace and occasionally sipping from a white coffee mug.


We cannot see what’s in the coffee mug, but I’m guessing it’s spiked hot cocoa. That’s the vibe I’m getting from the soundtrack to this video—half wholesome, half mischievous—because in the background is five hours of traditional Christmas carols that have been given the slow-burning, cluuub-ready EDM treatment. I’ve been listening to it for 10 minutes or more, and I’ve had several changes of heart on it since then. More than I thought possible. Here are some thoughts:

  • Who would ask for this?
  • Maybe this is a marketing stunt.
  • Or maybe fans would be into this. Idk!
  • Some folks really hate Christmas music. Maybe this would make it fun for them?
  • Wait, do I like this? This is...kind of good? Or really bad? Why do I like this?
  • I am going to listen to this all day.
  • I thought dunking on DJs was fun, but I like EDM now.
  • Would this be good to listen to get work done? Yeah. This would be a good productivity playlist.
  • And it lasts five hours! Could I do work for five hours straight?
  • I’d have to take breaks.
  • Every 45 minutes is ideal, right? Gotta remember to stretch.
  • I’m surprised at the sheer number of Christmas carols I’ve heard so far. Is it Christmas carols all the way through? I didn’t know there could be so many. Any Hanukkah songs? Christmas songs are really over-represented in holiday music. Maybe Adam Sandler’s song is in here somewhere.
  • Wait, I just started listening to the lyrics of these and now I’m uncomfortable. Literally, they’re singing “In Bethlehem, in Israel / This blessed Babe was born / And laid within a manger / Upon this blessed morn” over an EDM beat.
  • This is so distracting. Who thought this was a good idea??
  • I can’t listen to this to do work.
  • I can’t listen to this to do anything!
  • I have to turn this off.
  • Well, that was fun while it lasted.

I don’t recommend listening to this, but if you must, the video’s above.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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