I'm Concerned About (90's Pop Group) S Club 7?

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Bummer news for people who don’t like their childhood to be tainted: I’m sad to report that former members of the English pop group S Club 7 (you may remember them as the stars of the late-‘90s Nickelodeon show, S Club 7) are having, like, a lot of trouble? Paul Cattermole (he’s wearing glasses and standing third from the right in the band photo above, next to the blonde woman, former bandmate Hannah Spearritt) spilled the beans in a new interview with NME, describing infighting between the band, which reunited in 2015 for a tour. He said:

It was difficult. Not everyone in the band sees eye-to-eye. There was a fall-out over whether we should be doing a dance troupe, Diversity-type show with choreography to backing tracks, or do what we’ve always done and have a live band. I was being forceful about the live music to the point where I upset some people. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have pushed it so hard. There was even shouting.


It sounds like Cattermole is being a little hard on himself, to me—if you’re a pop group from the ‘90s and you’re reuniting nearly 20 years later, you probably shouldn’t do it if you can’t even agree on what the tour should look like. But I also think if you were in a pop group that was launched to international fame on the back of a kid’s TV show, and that show ended in 2003, then maybe you shouldn’t reunite in 2015? It sounds stressful and unnecessary! But hey, it sucks that they are fighting. There’s seven of them and that’s a lot of opinions to deal with.

Cattermole also calls former bandmate Jo O’Meara a “bully” (!!!) who “bullied her way” into his two-man band with former S Clubber Bradley McIntosh, forcing them to change the name to S Club 3 (!!!):

Me and Bradley were doing it for about two years – and then Jo came along. That bully from Essex came along and bullied her way into the situation [laughs]. “You know what I am, Paul – I’m the anchor in this band.” I think you missed a W there!

He goes on to say he’s joking. But do I believe him? I’m not sure.

Cattermole also says that he’d been in serious financial trouble and faced bankruptcy while the band was on its reunion tour. “It was annulled because I paid it off with the earnings from that tour. Hardly anyone ever pays it off. It cost me everything,” he says.


He talks about having to play his lawyers, too:

We would be playing in arenas to 20,000 people just after I’d had conversations on the phone like: ‘We need £10,000 right now!’ Then I’d have to go out and do [S Club 7's hit single] ‘Reach For The Stars’.


The struggles of fame! I really feel like everyone would have been better off if they hadn’t gone on tour. But he needed the money. Catch-22.

I do admire how real he is about the state of his finances, saying that he auctioned off his Brit Award for Best Single, which the band won in 2002 for its song “Don’t Stop Moving’”. The interviewer asks what he’s going to do with the money, all £66,100: “Just less than half of it will go on paying the bills.”



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