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Late last year, in the days leading up to the holidays, Sky Ferreira gave the world the ultimate gift. She promised us (personally, this very blog) that she would release new music this winter. That...hasn’t happened (Ferreira has, however, directed a Marching Church music video—the post-everything, horn-heavy, Nick Cave-esque side project of Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, frontman of Danish punk project Iceage.) If you check her Instagram regularly, you might’ve noticed a surprise earlier this week—it appears the time for new Ferreira music really is nigh, and it’s going to be post-punk as hell. Well, I’m hoping it is, because I will lose my shit.


On Tuesday, Ferreira filmed footage of a dog (her dog?!) with music playing in the background, her voice easily recognizable and loud in the mix. With new music promised to arrive ASAP, it’s not totally crazy to assume that this is her new material. The best part? I really do think it’s gonna be kinda post-punk. There appears to be a loud bass riff in first high-energy dirge, cold wave synths on the second, slower number. Pop goes post-punk, y’all.

Check it out below.

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