via Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia
via Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

On Tuesday, Jared Leto’s rock band that allows him to wear grotesque disguises, Thirty Seconds to Mars, announced the details for their fourth annual Camp Mars music festival. It’s a super zen weekend, allowing fans to hike, do yoga, play games, view art installations, and more, when they’re not watching Thirty Seconds to Mars sets. Camp Mars will take place from August 11-13 in Malibu, California, which is cool. But what if it was in space?

I enjoy more Thirty Seconds to Mars songs than I’d like to admit (considering Leto’s fixture as one of the most insufferable people in entertainment), and even I would not consider spending a weekend with the Leto faithful. That being said, if it were somewhere a bit more galactic, like a few ticks away from actual Mars... I would maybe consider this.


Kindred alt-rock spirits and former tourmates Muse had previously flirted with the idea of playing a show in space (in addition to their magnetic stage setup, which also hasn’t materialized yet). Given his reputation as one of the most twisted people in show business, with insane method acting antics like sending anal beads and a pig corpse to his Suicide Squad co-stars, we shouldn’t assume space is off the table for Leto. In fact, it’d be kind of tame.

So until Camp Mars blasts its way into the sky, I’ll probably settle for space camp. If you’re still interested in earthbound Camp Mars, you can preorder tickets here starting January 22.

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