I Like Bhad Bhabie, So Sue Me

I’ve never claimed to be an arbiter of taste. I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, but I do believe in revealing unfavorable interests conscientiously. (In other words: Read the room, dummy!) But this is the internet, there are no rooms, and I like Bhad Bhabie. A lot?


You might know the 14-year-old rapper as Danielle Bregoli, former delinquent tweenager who rose to viral fame for her meme-tastic slogan of “cash me ousside,” instituted, where else, than on Dr. Phil’s stage. Because of her somewhat immediate social media celebrity, she started rapping (??) and she is Not Bad, and that is confusing. In September it was revealed that she signed to major label Atlantic Records (home to, like, Gucci Mane and potentially YouTube’s biggest bad boy Jake Paul) and has been rolling out singles ever since. “Hi Bich” is worth your time.

Today she’s released the music video for “I Got It,” which is not as good as “Hi Bich,” but is still pretty good. Honestly, I’m kinda pumped for this album? Don’t tell anyone.

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