via Andrew Benge/Getty Images

Did you know Cardi B speaks French? Neither did I! But then the TrackRecord team found this video of the Bronx rapper chatting with French video channel Clique and now it’s my FAVORITE THING!

Asked by the interviewer to show off her French, Cardi blushes and says that she studied French in college when she was 18 or 19 years old. “I’m an old bitch now, I’m 25,” she says. (Same, honestly.) “I’m going to pardon your French!” the interviewer says, convincing her to rattle off a few lines. It’s way more French than I know, even though she tries to brush it off as not that exciting. Cardi!

The interviewer also asks Cardi to break down her bicultural background while I am deeply thankful that Cardi doesn’t get asked about this all the time (explaining who and why you are is exhausting) her answer is generous and illuminating:

“I lived with a lot of cultures in my family. My grandfather from my mom’s side is Spanish; my mom’s Trinidadian; she moved to America very early. My dad, he’s Dominican, straight off the boat, what’s good, y’know what I’m saying, came straight from the plantain boat. And I just had a lot of different cultures while I was growing up. It all influenced me. Even, not only in my household—around me, around me was culture everywhere.

Where I’m from the Bronx, there’s a lot of Caribbean people, there’s a lot of Jamaican people, there’s a lot of Puerto Rican people. You know I’m Dominican, but it’s already in the household. It’s a lot of different cultures all around but it’s all Caribbean so it’s practically the same.”


Watch the whole thing below: