How to Listen to Kendrick Lamar's Black Panther Soundtrack

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

You’ve been waiting for weeks, months even, to hear Kendrick Lamar’s expertly produced (!!!) and curated soundtrack for the upcoming Black Panther film and my dear reader, you’re in luck—you can check out Black Panther: The Album in its entirety, below, via Spotify. Right here! We’ve made it so easy for you. (The movie itself arrives next week, Friday, February 16th—at least you have 14 jams to tide you over until then.)

Depending on who you ask, this might be the one of the better comic book movie soundtracks in a hot minute (who could forget the 2004 Marvel flick Spider-Man 2 for giving us Dashboard Confessional’s “Vindicated”? By the way, if emo is more of your jam, the dude behind Dashboard Confessional, Chris Carrabba, has a new album out, too, called Crooked Shadows, and it’s pretty...passable.)


But in terms of Black Panther: The Album, I’m partial to Jorja Smith’s “I Am” and the Vince Staples-Yugen Blakrok collabo “Opps,” but you’re your own person and you can make you own dang opinions. Check it out:

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