Via Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Via Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Pitchfork, staring straight into the void of a slow news day, reported that a piece of rock history went up for sale on eBay. It wasn’t an outfit that Prince wore while filming Purple Rain, or an old-school Sub Pop zine, or even Kurt Cobain’s Blockbuster card. It was the shitty couch from which Mac DeMarco recorded his beloved album 2.

2 was a perfectly fine album, but does anyone really need to own the couch DeMarco sat on while recording it? Probably not. But proceeds from the week-long auction will go to the Rock Camp for Girls Montreal, so that’s a plus. The current bidding is at $305 Canadian dollars, so if you want to spend the cost of an airplane ticket on a couch, you can do so here.


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