How I Met Your Bandmate (Josh Radnor and Ben Lee Have a Band Now, Sorry)

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Here’s a thing that’s been going on for a little while: How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor has been playing in a folk duo with Australian musician and 2008 PETA World’s Sexiest Vegetarian nominee Ben Lee. Their first album, released under the name Radnor & Lee, came out in November 2017, and they stopped by Australia’s The Today Show on Tuesday to talk about the project and their upcoming tour.


This is how they...met: Lee was hanging around the set of How I Met Your Mother, since the show was planning to use one of his songs (I did NOT realize this is something that happens when your song gets placed on a show, not a bad deal). His track never made it onto HIMYM, but they received the more enduring gift of intercontinental friendship. As Radnor tells it:

“We stayed friends and we were friends for about a decade before we decided to write a song together. It was something we’d been talking about it, and then two and a half years ago we decided to write a song together and it went really well. We decided to write another one, then we said ‘let’s make a record’, then before we knew it we’re here talking to you guys.”


Apparently it wasn’t going to be this “intense collaboration,” at least initially. Lee says it started off as a light, casual project—not something that would necessarily lead to playing real-ass venues in Australia. “I wouldn’t say I was hesitant because we didn’t have a sense at the beginning of the gravity of the collaboration. It was just a fun, playful thing,” he said.

I’m already imagining the final form of a post-streaming music industry, with A-list pop stars and actors doing their side hustle as the only artists left to survive. Tell me I’m wrong!!


Check out Radnor & Lee’s Today Show interview below:


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