Via Paul Kane/Getty Images
Via Paul Kane/Getty Images

Last month, Eminem released “Walk On Water” the first single from his just released album, Revival. The track featured a rather surprising guest appearance from Beyoncé that confused more people than it delighted, probably. Now it has been revealed the song was originally going to feature another larger-than-life vocalist: Adele.


The song’s producer Denaun Porter spoke to ThisIs50 last week about how exactly the song was torn between the two megastars:

When I heard the song, it had this hook on it. I was them, I said yo... I had a whole different idea that included Beyoncé being on the song, and the... you know the first person when I heard it was Adele, right? I was like yo, this would be cool, and I think... something happened with her, with her voice... you know, she couldn’t do it and so it was like, a thing where we tried that. My idea was totally different. I wanted to try the idea again, but that was my suggestion in a way. And then it turned down, it got to them using Beyoncé which I thought, obviously my mind as already there. There’s nothing a couple of people who can pull that off then.

That last line is certainly correct in that if anyone is trying to choose between iconic contemporary singers, Adele and Beyoncé is where the conversation should start and end. You take what you can get, Em!

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