Holland Is K-Pop's First Openly Gay Star and I Love Him

At TrackRecord, we stan the wonderfully manufactured genre of K-Pop—and if you can suspend any desire for hyper-authenticity in your pop performers (and honestly, who even does anymore, Taylor Swift is rapping now), then you should, too. Even with our ride-or-die love of the genre, there are certainly spaces in which the musical form absolutely needs to grow, and I’m not talking stylistically—K-Pop has a long way to go in terms of representation. This weekend, the world has made a big step in an inclusive direction: Meet Holland, the first openly gay K-Pop idol. (Idols are what K-Pop stars are called, FYI.)


On Sunday, Holland shared his new debut and music video, “Neverland,” depicting him and his love interest doing really sort of magically mundane relationship stuff: being silent and comfortable with one another, being not-silent and uncomfortable with each other, dancing on the beach, fighting on the beach... all realistic and kind of boring but mostly romantic stuff. They even kiss!

It’s very sweet, will warm your soul and hopefully marks a transition towards more inclusive K-Pop idolatry. To be honest, the bar is low, but it can only rise. Until it does, enjoy the music of Holland, my beautiful son.

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