Hey, Whoever You Are, Stop Sending Snoop Dogg Sex Doll Pics

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Hi, uh, who keeps texting Snoop Dogg about blow-up dolls?

The rapper, apparently incensed by just how many people send him unsolicited commentary on blow-up sex dolls, uploaded a video to Instagram to share his feelings. If one more person sends him “a picture of one of these mothafuckin’ blow-up dolls,” then they should go ahead and get right down to it and “try and get that mothafucka pregnant.” Oh that’d be impossible? RIGHT, THAT’S HIS WHOLE POINT.


“Quit sending me pictures of those goddamn blow-up dolls,” he says. “I don’t give a fuck about how sexy you think the bitch look. That’s a fucking doll, n—. It’s a fucking plastic doll, n—. Knock it off, and get you a real bonafide breathing bitch.”


Who is doing this? Are you a friend of Snoop Dogg’s, or a foe? Is Snoop feeling betrayed by buds who assume he is way more comfortable hearing about sex tech than he actually is, or is he just getting blown up by spambots? Has there been an sudden increase in sex dolls on the market? Why now?

Assuming it’s not spambots, why would you, a friend to Snoop, choose him to text about this? You’re friends with Snoop Dogg; do something better with your time!


In short: Leave Snoop Dogg alone. He cannot get behind your new-fangled sex technology, and he shouldn’t be forced to spend his days thinking about it. Thank you.

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