Here's the First Song From Stranger Things' Finn Wolfard's Indie Rock Band, if You're Into That Kinda Thing

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At the end of last year and creeping into this one, the Stranger Things’ kids dominated music headlines as every single one of them (or so it seemed) started a damn rock band. Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler on the beloved Netflix series, was the first on our radar—and considering his friendship with popular indie rock acts Mac DeMarco and PUP, his band Calpurnia sounded like it could be something solid. On Tuesday, the band released their first song, “City Boy,” and it is...fine? Just fine.


Calpurnia could take the place of any number of 2000s garage rock bands, those liberal in their use of twangy vocals and country-sounding guitars a la Black Lips or Harlem. Honestly, “City Boy” could easily soundtrack a number of denim commercials, too, which is not bad! It’s completely passable music. Listen below:

It’s worth mentioning, too, that Calpurnia is signed to Toronto-based indie label Royal Mountain Records, home to the aforementioned PUP and DeMarco as well as some other excellent Canadian bands, like Alvvays and Metz. I’d recommend listening to those artists—it certainly wouldn’t hurt ya to check out acts who don’t have Netflix-sized celebrity to fall back on, but to each their own.


In conclusion: if you’re a die-hard Stranger Things fan, you’ll probably love Wolfhard’s fine, certainly not bad, song. If not, well, thanks for reading.

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