Here's Rising Country Star Margo Price Smoking Weed With a Magnifying Glass

via Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

Margo Price, a rising country star who will probably get nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy several years after her debut release, is one of the more exciting voices in the genre. Her second album, All American Made, came out last month on Jack White’s Third Man Records, and it’s a searing, political work with many of the country’s oppressive institutions in its crosshairs. You should check it out. You should also check out her Instagram for tips on how to get high when the sun’s out and you’ve misplaced your lighter:

via Instagram

She collaborated with marijuana magnate Willie Nelson on All American Made and offers a “Smokin’ Weed Koozie” on her web store. If it wasn’t clear already, country music’s been split into two camps: The brodown kegger on the beach (or plane,) or sunlit blunts on the back porch with Price. I know which I’m choosing.

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