Via Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Pandora
Via Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Pandora

There are few better (or nerdier) experiences than watching an artist interact with veteran music personality/eccentric interviewer Nardwuar and his curated bag of goodies. Post Malone, the man with the most popular song in America, “Rockstar,” and holder of Bad Opinions about rap music, was Nard’s latest guest.


In one of the funnier moments in the interview, Nardwaur asked Post Malone about his thoughts on Post Malone Type Beats, parodic productions of his music that are super popular on YouTube. He tells Nardwaur that he and his team were thinking of doing a contest around “Post Malone Type Beats” where the winner could wind up on his album.

The rest of the interview involves Nardwaur pulling various classic country memorabilia from Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., and Merle Haggard. Post Malone, like many before him, is shocked at how Nardwaur is able to know his exact tastes and personal past. Watch the interview below, and get to work on your best approximations of “I Fall Apart”—and potentially score a spot on Malone’s next LP.

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